Protecting Maidencombe Together

As part of our desire to protect and promote Maidencombe, we work alongside local bodies to ensure our village is kept for future generations to come.

28th January 2020

Members of the MRA went to Torquay Town Hall on 28th January 2020 for a meeting with Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust (TCCT) to discuss how the trust manages various plots of land within Maidencombe. The purpose of the meeting was to air residents’ growing concerns and fears that the TCCT have neglected of the village and to find a way forward.  The land in question is currently on a 42 year lease to TCCT by Torbay Council. Ideally, in our opinion, we would like the land to be returned to the control of Torbay Council yet allow the village to care for the orchard. Unfortunately, the council are unwilling to withdraw TCCT's lease. It is well-known that Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust are short of revenue so finding a solution which works for all parties is paramount. During the meeting, we stressed our belief that there has been a lack of communication from TCCT and their apparent unwillingness to allow us to have working parties. 

So What's Next?

The Orchard

The MRA will draft a procedure and schedule for the maintenance of the orchard.

The Village Green

TCCT agreed to cut the Village Green 3 or 4 times during the summer season.  We will liaise with Chris Lingard to schedule dates.

Beach Access

MRA will draft a proposal for the replacement of wooden railings on the steps down to the beach.

The Beach Cafe

The MRA gave Damian Offer details of a potential operator for the car park, toilets and beach café. The beach café will be assessed for any repairs to allow the serving of pre-packaged food, hot and cold drinks, and ice cream.


The Community Partnership will work with the Community Development Trust to facilitate a volunteering system. Kevin Mowat and Damian Offer have agreed to assess the options and the procedures which would facilitate any volunteers to undertake certain activities on behalf of the community. 

We will of course update this page and our followers with any further developments.

Present were:

From Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust: Alan Tyerman (Chair of Trustees) and Damian Offer (Chief Executive)

From Torbay Council: Kevin Mowat (Director of Place) and Cllr Mike Morey (Cabinet Member)

St Marychurch Ward Councillors: Anne Brooks, Hazel Foster and Ray Hill